Holiday Weight Management Secrets

by in Weight Management December 21, 2017

Oh, the holidays! The joy! The memories!

The extra 15 pounds that will cling to you for months! And months! 

The holiday season is rough on the diet. And by holiday season we’re talking about the moment that plastic pumpkin full of candy shows up on Halloween night until the last bit of New Year’s Day football feasting is over. 

But it’s not a lost cause. You can maintain a healthy weight through the holidays with a few simple (although not always easy) steps. 

Take a breath

Before you put that third sugar cookie in your mouth just because it’s there, stop for a second. Take a breath. Think about making that choice. Is there something healthier? Are you even hungry?  That little pause can help you hit the reset button on a buffet feeding-frenzy. 

Drink lots of water 

Did you know that much of the time you think you’re hungry, you are actually thirsty? Try rehydrating first. Not only will staying hydrated make you feel better all over (and help plump up dry winter skin) it will fill you up. Add a splash of lemon, lime or fruit juice to make it a little more festive.  

Skip the cocktails

When you add up all the calories you drink during the holidays, it will make you want to have a drink and forget all about it. Wine, beer, liquor – packed with calories. One spiked eggnog? 400 calories! Skip the drinks or limit yourself to just one or two lower calorie options per event. 

Step up your exercise

We all know exercise burns calories. But more importantly, a run or brisk walk is an excellent stress-buster. Less stress equals less impulsive eating–and fewer cocktails. Plus, when you get done with a workout you feel accomplished – the last thing you want to do is negate all that hard work with the momentary pleasure of a sugar cookie and a spiked eggnog.  

Bring healthier options to the table

Whether you are hosting dinner or part of a potluck, it’s a good opportunity to have some control over the menu. There are lots of recipes out there for lower sodium, lower fat, lower calorie versions of most holiday favorites. Cutting 100 calories per serving can really add up over weeks of non-stop noshing.  

Trade food for…

Often we indulge in bad food choices because we “earned” it. We “deserve” it. Don’t “reward” yourself with 1,000 calories of fudge, spoil yourself with a spa massage or spa facial. Reward yourself by looking and feeling great!  

Treat yourself

Don’t mindlessly burn up all your calorie equity on dry, store-bought cookies and rubbery cheese dip. Eat healthy 95 percent of the time so you can indulge in what you truly love, guilt-free.  

It’s not about deprivation; it’s about management. Whether you need help over the holidays or are gearing up for New Year’s resolutions, Blue Halo can help you manage your weight and reach your goals.  

We offer a Supervised Weight Loss Management Program with Dr. Roberto Penne-Casanova, a Bariatric Specialist and a member of the Obesity Medical Association. He knows the secrets of reaching your ideal weight and staying there. Add B12 complex injections to give you a boost of energy and to help improve your results. Our approach is customized and sustainable for a life time of results. 

Or slim down and detoxify with a certified M’lis Cleanse, prescribed and endorsed by thousands of licensed professionals. This safe and easy program is known as one of the quickest ways to achieve all the benefits of cleaning your bodily systems, head to toe.  

Or maybe you are generally happy with your weight, except for that spot right there… Protege Exilis Radio Frequency Treatments   use a non-invasive device to focus varying depths of heat to induce skin tightening, shape your body and eliminate bulgy fatty deposits. Exilis can tighten areas of the face and neck, under the eyes, arms, and other common problem areas such as buttocks and knees.  

Let Blue Halo help you stay healthier and happier through the holidays by managing your weight, stress and appearance. We want you to be joyous, stress-free and most of all, happy with yourself when the holidays are over.  

Ask us about our intensive medically supervised weight loss program. Reserve your complimentary consultation now!  

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