Frazzled by fa la la? Head to the Spa Spa Spa!

by in Body Wraps, Facials, Massage, Spa Treatments December 7, 2017

The tree is beautiful; the table setting is perfect, gifts are wrapped and stacked as though Santa’s elves worked by your side. It’s all lovely! But you? Girl, you look… tired. During the holiday season, women work 24/7 to make everything perfect for everyone else. Basically, it’s just like every other season, only with candy […]

Who Should You Trust to Administer Botox?

by in Blog, Health Tips, Spa Treatments January 18, 2016

Everyone’s doing it…Botox, that is! Data provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicates that Botox procedures remain the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the United States. With that popularity comes an awe-inspiring number of practitioners currently providing Botox treatments. How do you know who should be trusted to perform such a delicate […]


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