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Hydrafacial Savings Express $175 Express $175 Express $175 Express $175
Discount on Retail 15% Off 12% Off 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off
Discount on Services 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off Toxins & Fillers 10% Off Toxins & Fillers
Gift up to 3 months of credit in a year Yes! Yes! Yes!
Membership Anniversary Free Message 50% Off Message $25 Gift Card $25 Gift Card Free Micro-Peel Laser Free Micro-Peel Laser
Bank Credits towards other services Up to 6 Months Up to 4 Months Up to 4 Months Up to 4 Months Up to 4 Months Up to 4 Months
  • PLATINUM monthly plan
  • $250
  • 15% off Retail
  • 10% off Services
  • FREE Facial onMembership Anniversary
  • DELUXE monthly plan
  • $210
  • 12% off Retail
  • 10% off Services
  • Half Off Facial on
    Membership Anniversary
  • SIGNATURE monthly plan
  • $165
  • 10% off Retail
  • 10% off Services
  • $25 Gift Card on
    Membership Anniversary
  • BASIC monthly plan
  • $100
  • 10% off Retail
  • 10% off Services
  • $25 Gift Card onMembership Anniversary
  • DYSPORT & XEOMIN monthly plan
  • $55
  • 10% off Retail
  • 10% off Dysport and Xeomin
  • FREE Micro-laser peel
    during birthday month

Membership Only Benefits

  • Members HydraFacial $185
  • Free Dermaplanning add-on to any facial
  • Complimentary enhancement to facial services
  • Membership monthly credit can be accrued for up to 6 months
  • Gift to family or friend up to 3 months in a year
  • Payments post as credits and apply to all products and services


Unfortunately, most of us lead such busy lives that we have little time to put ourselves first.  It is important to remember that self care is not selfish.   Being the best version of yourself builds confidence and confidence is a Super Power.  Why not become a Blue Halo Med Spa member where self care is made easy and affordable?

Frequently Asked Questions

You may share your credit with someone up to 4 times in a year.   Simply send us an email or let us know so we can mark it in your account who you will be sending in your place that month.

However, only the Primary Member receives the discounts and Perks associated with your Membership.  It is an honor for us and the best compliment you can give to refer Blue Halo to your friends and family.  

You can FREEZE your membership at any time. We understand that sometimes its difficult to find time for yourself or for those snow birds we envy, we want it to be easy for you to still save and use your membership!

No, you can cancel anytime!

Yes, you may save your credits to apply to a larger priced services.  We are flexible.  We only ask that you use them within the year.   

Yes, you can always purchase Gift Cards with your Credit or apply your credit to any service or product of your choice, even if it is not a discounted service.

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