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Non-Invasive Skin Tightening with Infrared Light

Loose, sagging skin on the body and face can be caused by weight loss, pregnancy, oraging. SkinTyte II uses Infrared Light to heat the skin and stimulates the skins natural ability to tighten and firm loose skin. This solution is painless and is safe for all skin types!

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Exilis uses Radio Frequency technology to heat the collagen deep under the surface of the skin causing it to contract and tighten the skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance. In addition to tightening and firming the skin, While Exilis is primarily used to treat skin laxity it helps to overall contour the body and can reduce the look of cellulite and dimples in the skin.  This treatment is safe to use for all skin types. Your Blue Halo Skin Specialist will customize this treatment to your specific needs.  Exilis is recommended in a package of 6 initially and then approx once every 6 months thereafter.

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EXILIS ELITE uses thermal energy that is generated by the most advanced monopolar radio frequency. The dual control handpiece has both DTC (Dermal Temperature Control) and EFC (Energy Flow Control) to protect the skin from heat that could harm it, while simultaneously generating consistent energy for dependable results.

The handpiece generates heat within the treatment area to cause the targeted fat cells to break down. This process of reducing fatty deposits also causes the sub dermal collagen to remodel and tighten, resulting in firmer skin.

EXILIS ELITE radio frequency depth penetration addresses the subcutaneous fat. This is superficially located just below the skin and above the muscle.

The built-in cooling system makes EXILIS ELITE safe for reducing loose skin and excess fat anywhere on the body. This includes the face, neck, jowls, décolletage, arms, back or bra fat, abdomen, love handles, thighs, knees, etc.

For skin tightening, the heat produced from the laser will disrupt old collagen while your body’s own natural process will evoke new collagen fibers. You will quickly begin to see your smooth, tight, young skin.

You may see immediate results, but maximum results are experienced incrementally over 3 to 6 months after the last treatment. EXILIS ELITE treatments are usually done 1 to 2 weeks apart with visible fat reduction ranging from 1 to 6 inches of volume loss after 4 treatment sessions.

Each treatment, depending on the area of the body, takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but we ask you to allow an hour. This noninvasive procedure can be accomplished on your lunch break from work. There is no downtime and normal activity can resume immediately. For treatments to areas of the face, there may be some mild redness and mild swelling, but this can easily be covered with mineral makeup.

EXILIS ELITE is a safe and comfortable procedure, requiring no numbing cream or anesthesia. The treatments are comfortable and pain free by targeting the proper amount of energy while simultaneously heating and cooling the skin.

  • 45 Minutes – $400
  • Series Of 6 – $1,600

Generally, Exilis is safe for all skin types.  It is not recommended during pregnancy or for those with a pacemaker or certain types of implanted metal.  Being well hydrated will improve the overall treatment experience. It is recommended that 3 days prior and 3 days after a treatment you consume the daily recommended amount of water (usually half your body weight in ounces) to be well hydrated.  Call or text 502-690-6029 to schedule your complimentary consult at Blue Halo Med Spa in Louisville.

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