Who Should You Trust to Administer Botox?

by in Blog, Health Tips, Spa Treatments January 18, 2016

Everyone’s doing it…Botox, that is! Data provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicates that Botox procedures remain the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the United States. With that popularity comes an awe-inspiring number of practitioners currently providing Botox treatments.

How do you know who should be trusted to perform such a delicate procedure?  Check out these tips to help you decide who to trust your face to.

Comparison Shopping

While price is an important factor in decision making, now is not the time to seek out a deal. Keep in mind that experienced doctors are going to charge more than their novice counterparts. Leave Groupon to the amateurs and shop skills and reputation instead. Trustworthy practitioners will offer before-and-after images for you to peruse. Carefully observe these photos to determine if the results are what you are looking for.

Get Lasting Results

Those phenomenal coupon deals you are considering typically include watered-down Botox, which means watered-down results.  A reputable doctor will provide the appropriate solution, providing results that last 3-4 months. In addition, be certain that an experienced physician is administering the procedure, not a medical assistant or other team member.

Don’t Be Timid

Open communication with your doctor is crucial for safe, effective results. Make sure to ask questions and communicate what areas of your face you would like to improve and why. Ask your physician about recovery and follow-up care so you know exactly what to expect.

Have an important event coming up? Receive your Botox treatment a few weeks prior to your event for best results. Don’t forget to reserve your follow-up appointment two weeks after your injections to discuss any concerns with your doctor and let her know how happy you are with your Botox results!

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