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Dr. Roberto A. Penne-Casanova

Dr. Penne has a wide variety of experience as a Physician in both the private and governmental sectors. He is passionate about the aesthetic medicine industry as well as an Educator. He has been a physician for 41 years and a Cosmetic Injector for over 10 years and has obtained advanced training from Plastic Surgeons in the Aesthetic Industry. Dr. Penne was one of the First MDs to offer PDO Thread treatments in our area and has trained several physicians on this exciting procedure and performs them often at Blue Halo. In addition, he performs Liposuction and Skin Tightening by several different modalities in our in-office treatment facility. He is passionate about providing services that produce results with the least downtime and risk to the Guest. Dr. Penne-Casanova, MD was a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force and retired after 20 years as a Lieutenant Colonel.  He served as Chief of Aerospace Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine. As the Medical Director of Blue Halo Med Spa from the time of inception, he leads all medical aspects of the Blue Halo service and product offerings. He is passionate about providing services with results and instilling confidence in his guests.

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